Advanced Natural Language Processing Solutions

  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Text Classification / Categorization
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Text Clustering / Similarity
  • More...

Hybrid AI for Real-World Natural Language Processing

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Our powerful NER (Named Entity Recognition) Engine can detect Companies, Brands, Persons, Locations, Drugs, and more, in text.


Our powerful MNER (Medical Named Entity Recognition) Engine can detect Medication, Dosage, Strength, Frequency, Medical conditions and more, in text.

Text Classification

Our Text Classification / Categorization engine can quickly map any given text or document into one or more buckets.

Sentiment Analysis

Our advanced Sentiment Analysis engine works in tandem with our NER technology, and allows us to associate sentiments with Entities in the input text!

Text Clustering

Our Text Clustering engine allows similar Text / Documents to be grouped together.

Custom NLP Solutions

If you have a Text Mining / Document Processing / NLP problem, we can probably help.